Trump to Meet With Mitt Romney, Who Called Him “Phony,” “Fraud” and “Con Man”


Mitt Romney will meet with President-elect Donald Trump this weekend to discuss “governing and a possible Cabinet post,” as first reported by CNN. NBC News later added that, according to sources close to Trump, the possibility of a secretary of State post for the former Massachusetts governor will be part of the conversation.

Romney famously refused to back Trump in the presidential election and vehemently spoke out against him during the GOP primaries. He once accused Trump of peddling “trickle-down racism,” and devoted an entire speech in March to dismantling Trump’s candidacy. Throughout the campaign, he called the reality-TV star a “phony,” a “fraud,” and a “con man.” Romney also once suggested that Trump was refusing to release his tax returns because there was a “bombshell” contained in them. Read more at CNN.




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