Trump Says Iran Deal Will Lead to ‘Nuclear Holocaust’


trumpDonald Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul who has surfed a wave of media controversy to lead the 17-strong field of Republican candidates for president in 2016, has attempted to outline details of policies he would pursue if elected.

In response to questions from Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s Meet the Press, the candidate discussed issues including the fight against Islamic State, the Iran nuclear deal, and abortion.

On foreign policy, he said ground troops would be used against Isis militants and Middle Eastern allies such as Saudi Arabia would have to pay for US support.

The author of the bestselling book The Art of the Deal also said the Obama administration’s recent nuclear agreement with Iran was “a bad deal” which would “lead to a nuclear holocaust”, having been negotiated by an “incompetent” secretary of state, John Kerry.

He stopped short, however, of saying he would tear the deal up – as many other Republican candidates have promised to do – and said instead he would “police” it.

On Isis, Trump said the key was to take away the group’s wealth by taking back oil fields now under militant control in Iraq. Told by Todd that such a move could require ground troops, Trump responded: “That’s OK.”

He said Iraqis should be given “something” from their oil fields but, in an apparent reference to Iraq War veterans, added: “We should definitely take back money for our soldiers.

“We’ve had soldiers that were so badly hurt and killed,” he said. “I want their families to get something. Wounded warriors all over the place. They got nothing. And they can’t even say we had a victory.” Read more at The Guardian.

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