Trump: Palestinians Must Halt Terror For Peace Deal


GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump outlined his views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in an interview published Sunday by the New York Times.

Some excerpts of the phone interview:

“I’ll tell you one thing, people that I know from Israel, many people, many, many people, and almost everybody would love to see a deal on the side of Israel. Now with that being said, most people don’t think a deal can be made. They really want to make a deal, they want to make a good deal, they want to make a fair deal, but they do want to make a deal. Almost everybody, and I’m talking to people off the record, and off the record, they really would like to see a deal. I’m not so sure that the other side [the Palestinians] can mentally, you know, get their heads around the deal, because the hatred is so incredible.”

“I specifically don’t want to address the issue because I would love to see if a deal could be made. I would love to see if a real deal could be made. Not a deal that you know, lasts for three months, and then everybody starts shooting again. And a big part of that deal, you know, has to be to end terror, we have to end terror.”

“Basically I support a two-state solution on Israel. But the Palestinian Authority has to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. Have to do that. And they have to stop the terror, stop the attacks, stop the teaching of hatred, you know?”

“[Palestinian children are] aspiring to grow up to be terrorists. They are taught to grow up to be terrorists. And they have to stop. They have to stop the terror. They have to stop the stabbings and all of the things going on. And they have to recognize that Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. And they have to be able to do that. And if they can’t, you’re never going to make a deal. One state, two states, it doesn’t matter: you’re never going to be able to make a deal. Because Israel would have to have that. Now whether or not the Palestinians can live with that? You would think they could. It shouldn’t be hard except that the ingrained hatred is tremendous.”




  1. the true is that a two state solution is impossible like cruz and rubio saying because the palestinian people love teror and to blame israel for it


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