Trump: Obama a ‘Shame’ for Blacks


trumpDuring an interview with ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Republican presidential candidate Donald During an interview with ABC’s This Week today, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he doubts America will have another black president for generations because of the “very poor standard” President Obama has set.

“I think he has set a very low bar, and I think it’s a shame for the African American people,” Trump said. Read more at the Orlando Sentinel.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. This from a guy whose political party has done everything in its power to prevent the Obama Administration from helping socio-economically disadvantaged citizens to improve their situations in life — including making vocational school and college educations more affordable, increasing the minimum wage, and maintaining low taxes for low income workers.

  2. That is a purely racistmstatement. The clown has no chance. I don’t remember the initial front-runner ever winning the nomination, although Hilary may do it.

  3. A breath of fresh air. He may not win but has no fear of telling it like it is. Obama has failed at everything he attempted and has the temerity to mention that he would win another term. The only way he won anything is through racism and has left the economy, military, foreign relations and anything he touched in a shambles. He knows nothing about anything and stomps through the China shop saying he’s fixing everything.

    I never thought I’d say it but hooray Trump!

  4. I agree that President Obama has been a poor president. That said, I have every confidence that if Trump were ever elected he’d prove equally if not more unsuited to the task. BTW, Trump’s statement basically slams all Americans as bigoted racists who are so stupid that they are unable to differentiate between President Obama and any other black individual. Thanks, Donald!

  5. has Obama set a low record just because of being black? what has obama the individual and his record to do with another black man becoming US president in future? I now suspect Trump’s comments are racially motivated.


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