Trump is Going To Deport Three Million Immigrants Immediately


Donald Trump has vowed to immediately deport 3 million illegal immigrants with criminal records in one of his first acts as President of the United States, THE TELEGRAPH reports.

The President-elect hinted that he is prepared to water down his plans to build a “beautiful” giant wall on the border with Mexico, admitting that it may in fact be part wall and part fence.

However he made clear that he plans to push ahead with the deportation of illegal immigrants with criminal records, claiming that there are between 2 and 3 million in the US.

His comments appeared to contradict his previous suggestion that there are 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records who have been ordered to leave the US but have refused to do so. Read more at THE TELEGRAPH.




    • The joy is not for the pain of those deported, but for the law abiding American citizens. The uneducated and the unskilled cross the southern border and milk the system: public schools, emergency rooms, food stamps. The taxpayer ends up footing the bill. More than half of our property tax bill is for public schools, which are more than half children of illegals. They also are overrepresented in crime statistics. The illegal immigrants commit crimes and leech off our financial resources. Why shouldn’t we rejoice when they get deported?

  1. So what’s wrong if he expels Israelis? They are not above the law. There is a process in this Country how to come here and stay, legally. Get in line like everyone else. There should be no exceptions. We have got to take our Nation back.

  2. Hello, he’s deporting CRIMINALS. Not illegal aliens, but CRIMINAL illegal aliens.

    So, yeah, if the Israelis have criminal records, they’ll need to go.

    What’s wrong with that, exactly?

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