Trump: ‘I Am a Fabulous Whiner Because I Want to Win’


Presidential hopeful Donald Trump admitted he was an inveterate whiner during an interview on CNN Tuesday.

“I am the most fabulous whiner. I do whine because I want to win. And I’m not happy if I’m not winning,” he said. “I’m a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.”

Trump also told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he hasn’t abandoned his threat to run as a third-party candidate if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination.

“I want to keep that door open,” he said. He also appeared on Fox & Friends, his first appearance on Fox News since the Republican presidential debate last week. Trump later ducked questions from Cuomo about whether he struck a deal with Roger Ailes to avoid mentioning Megyn Kelly. He said he has “no problems” with the TV network. Read more at CNN.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Get ready for some serious deja vu: Just like in 1992, Clinton will beat Bush because a third-party billionaire (then Perot, now Trump) siphoned votes away from the Republican nominee.


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