Trump: Flag-Burners Should Be Jailed


This morning, President-elect Donald Trump proposed harsh punishments for flag burning, mentioning loss of citizenship or a year in jail, THE HILL reports.

“Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” Trump wrote in an early morning tweet.

The catalyst for the president-elect’s 7 a.m. tweet is unclear.




  1. I could not disagree more strongly. The flag and the country it stands for – ours – are robust enough that they can withstand the actions of those who disrespect it, whatever form that disrespect may take. This includes not standing for the anthem, burning the flag, badmouthing the country and its elected officials or any other form of insult.

    We have every right to condemn those who desecrate the flag as idiots, ingrates, ignoramuses and the like (as I certainly do), but freedom of speech includes actions and words that are far more odious than flag burning.

    • While I don’t support either loss of citizenship or jail time for flag burners, I would penalize non citizen flag burners and delay their application for citizenship. Citizenship is a privilege not a right.

  2. For a while Trump was being held at bay and we didn’t hear stupidities coming from him as we used to. I thought he was learning how to act presidential. But now he’s back to his own self. What an embarrassment! Just listened to Rush Limbaugh who says Trump didn’t really mean that (since it’s of course unconstitutional, even if we disagree with those very misguided people). Well, if he didn’t mean it, why does he say these things?! Shouldn’t a president exercise better judgment?


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