Trump Executive Order Draft: Kick Out Immigrants on Welfare


A draft executive order circulating among the Trump administration lays out a plan to filter out immigrants who might require public assistance, and to deport immigrants already living in the United States who depend on a form of welfare. The documents, obtained by The Washington Post, describe the power to “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge” and outline methods for “determining whether an alien is deportable… for having become a public charge within five years of entry”—that is to say, if receive public assistance via food stamps, welfare, and Medicaid, among others.

A second order draft, titled “Executive Order on Protecting American Jobs and Workers by Strengthening the Integrity of Foreign Worker Visa Programs” calls for the elimination of the so-called “jobs magnet” encouraging undocumented immigrants to travel to the United States, and calls for the repealing of work-visa provisions found not to be in “the national interest.” Read more.



  1. One of many ways we pay for illegals is through sky high Property Taxes, the majority of which go to public schools, the majority of which are populated by illegals and their children. Another indirect cost of the illegals is the cost of extra law enforcement required to police their higher crime neighborhoods, again paid through your Property Taxes. Besides, they guzzle up welfare, Medicaid and food stamps, clog up emergency rooms, bring in diseases formerly unheard of in this country. If the illegals disappeared, our Income and Property Taxes could be cut in half.

  2. It used to be that someone could immigrate only if he were sponsored, so as not to be a burden on the country. How many of our ancestors had to wait, sometimes for too long, till they could get to the US? We know that we are industrious and have hakoras hatov to the country that took us in, and we certainly did not contribute to the crime rate. Now, the pendulum is at the opposite extreme, any ignorant, violent, anti-American refugee easily enters, and is dangerous to the country, on so many planes. Why did the laws change? Why is citizenship provided automatically to illegals and any child born to them here, at American taxpayers’ expense? It’s time to make many changes in the system!!!


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