Tragic Death of Moshe Englander Shows Why Trucks Need Crossover Mirrors To Eliminate Blind Spot


williamsburgFour-year-old Moshe Englander was killed by the truck pictured above as he rode a tricycle in Brooklyn. The driver apparently could not see a boy whose head barely reached the bumper.

But the driver might well have seen Moses had the truck been equipped with a mirror that showed the pavement directly in front of the truck. This is called a crossover mirror.

School buses have them. City Hall has long asked Albany to require them on big trucks. But the industry cried about expense, and the Legislature balked.

The cost of each mirror, installed, is roughly $100. The cost of inaction was Moses’ life.

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}


  1. YES they should be a regulation. of course. Its an area which is populated with families including small children, of course it makes sense.

  2. Original report said (I think)that trucked “backed out” and didn’t see child. Now we are talking about him driving out frontwards? What would mirror help if it were backing out?


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