Tragedy Averted in Modi’in Illit


Tragedy was avoided in Modi’in Illit today when a police officer spotted a toddler in a boiling hot car on the verge of dehydration.

The two-year-old boy was removed from the vehicle immediately, but it took several hours until his father was identified.

A varying version claims that the boy was not in the car, but rather roaming on the street, dehydrated.

Criminal proceedings have been opened against the father.

The police officer who saved the boy had simply been driving around in his patrol car when he noticed the toddler at about 2 p.m. today.

The adorable little boy, wearing blue pants and an orange shirt, was placed in the air conditioned patrol car and given water to drink. After a short while, the boy was taken to the local police station.

Police and city social welfare officials worked to locate the parents.

An initial investigation revealed that the parents went shopping around the city, with each of them taking a number of their children. The father had simply forgotten the child in the car.

Unfortunately, it has become very common every summer for parents to forget children in cars.

Boruch Hashem, this particular incident did not end in tragedy.

David Steger – Israel Bureau


  1. I literally got chills reading this. B”H that the child was discovered before a tragedy occurred.
    Words are insufficient to thank the observant officer who noticed the child. May he be zoche to a rich reward for his lifesaving actions.


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