Traffic Jams On Erev Shabbos in Israel


Rabbonim in Israel are advising that on short winter days, people traveling to distant destinations in Israel on erev Shabbos should start out no later than midday in order to allow for the possibility of traffic jams and accidents.

On a recent Erev Shabbos, many were delayed on the Bnei Brak/Yerushalayim highway when a huge traffic jam delayed buses from reaching Yerushalayim and Beitar until Shabbos already began. A 199 bus which reached Beitar minutes before Shabbos was met by a fleet of cars of security personnel and Hatzalah volunteers who swiftly drove the passengers to their destinations.

{ Israel}


  1. the same rule of thumb that applies to air travel (i.e. recent el al stories) apply to highway travel. when travelling on erev shabbos, you must allow yourself TWICE the usual time it takes to go from point A to point B.


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