Lakewood Township to Save Tax Dollars by Privatizing EMS


lakewood-hatzolahNo one will dispute that these are extremely tough economic times. Individuals as well as residents are looking to cut budgets to save money. In an effort to cut costs, Lakewood Township has decided that that it can save the taxpayers $800 thousand dollars a year by privatizing the Township’s EMS (Emergency Medical Services).

According to Steven Langert, Deputy Mayor of Lakewood, in 2008, the Township had to subsidize the EMS by $777 thousand. By privatizing these services, Lakewood will not only save between $800 thousand to one million dollars a year, the residents will realize increased coverage and services, with no change to current billing practices.

“No one should be concerned, especially our senior residents. One of the companies we are dealing with,” says Langert, “has promised same billing practices; and the same, if not better services, at no cost to the town.”

Currently the township has two ambulances that provide services to more than 60,000 residents in 25-square miles. With the privatization of EMS, three ambulances will be available to residents.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. “… with no change to current billing practices”

    sheker vechozov! they may have promsed in order to get the bid but they most certainly will send bills to collection agencies!

    did you know it costs your inurance co. 800 to transport a patient to the er…

  2. If they privatize it,the residents have no recourse if poor service is provided. For example,the taxpayer will have no say if an EMT treats the patient or their family member disrespectfully, because your tax dollars do not pay their salaries. They often don’t care because they do not answer to tax payers. And don’t think for one minute that they won’t balance bill you in some way. Because they will!!! The only way to go is to have a municipal service that the town governs. In the end the private service only cares about one thing, the bottom line… Not the patient!!! Just ask anyone who has ever used MONOC!!!!!


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