Top 10 Consumer Complaints Revealed


carsThe Consumer Federation of America has released the nation’s top 10 consumer complaints, CBS station KDKA-TV reports. The 10th most complained about problem in this country is health products and services. It’s new to the list. Consumers are angry about misleading claims and failure to deliver on promises, such as health insurance plans that don’t deliver when you need them.

No. 9 is a tie between internet sales and home solicitations, including telemarketing calls, mail and door-to-door solicitations.

No. 8 is landlord/tenant disputes, including landlords who don’t make repairs as needed and security deposits that aren’t returned.

The seventh most complained about problem — household goods. We’re talking about furniture that doesn’t get delivered, was misrepresented or wasn’t repaired properly.

No. 6 is misrepresentation and shoddy work of services. One woman called to have her furnace fixed on a cold night and ended up paying more than $1,300 for a $20 part.

No. 5 is retail sales. We’re talking about companies going out of business and leaving customers holding worthless gift certificates, false advertising and defective merchandise.

The fourth most complained about problem is utilities, from service problems to billing complaints with phone, cable, internet, heat and electric companies.

No. 3 is credit and debt collection companies, from credit repair companies that take money up front to debt settlement companies that use abusive collection tactics, such as trying to collect money you don’t owe.

No. 2 on the list is home improvement and construction complaints for shoddy work and failure to start or finish the job on time.

And finally, the No. 1 most complained about problem is about automobiles, from faulty repairs to misrepresentations in advertising on both new and used cars.

{CBS Broadcasting/Elisha Newscenter}


  1. I would say that my number one complaint by far are the telemarketers. these people should be put out of their misery.

  2. Informal:

    If you live in the US, call your phone company and get put on the government’s “Do not Call” list. If you are on the list it is illegal for telemarketers to call you. I tried it and it works. Before that they were driving me crazy too.

    But do remember – the person making the telemarketing call is only trying to make an honest living. Be polite and just hang up.


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