Tonight: Torah Academy of Minneapolis Annual Dinner


minneapolis-marriott-city-centerThe Torah Academy of Minneapolis will hold its annual dinner this evening at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center. Torah Academy will recognize the Minneapolis Marriott City Center as a business of distinction. Mr. J.W. Marriott, founder of the Marriott companies, believed strongly in his faith, gave faithfully to charity, believed in the importance of education and in the greatness of this country. Those values continue today across the worldwide Marriott organization.

It is easy to see how Torah Academy maintains a longstanding relationship with the Minneapolis Marriott City Center, when the core values of their company and the school have so much in common. In its second decade of working with the Minneapolis Marriott City Center, Torah Academy has seen its small yearly banquet turn into an annual community celebration with over 500 in attendance.

The Marriott and its leadership have shown their commitment over the years by maintaining a dedicated kosher kitchen, which the community has benefitted from and appreciated as a prime location for kosher events, weddings, and celebrations.

Torah Academy will recognize Dr. and Mrs. Marty and Corinne Klatzko as Parents of the Year. The Klatzkos lead by example as role models for their children and friends of how to raise a family and grow in Judaism. From their generosity in tzedakah to their generosity with time, they freely give of themselves. In addition, their ongoing commitment to Torah study sets the greatest example of the value of learning. Their children, Laura, 11, and David, 6, have shown remarkable growth at such young ages due to the lessons they learn at home from their parents.

Marty, an accomplished physician, and Corinne, a successful social worker, understand what it means to make a kiddush Hashem every day by treating people and patients well, caring for others, and setting a true Torah example of how to integrate learning with one’s actions in the world.

Torah Academy will also recognize a chavrusah pair from Partners in Torah, Larry Zweigbaum and Stewart Fishman. Larry has been learning consistently for five years, first with Rabbi Meir Smith, and now with Stewart. True to the words of the novi, the resurgence of learning began with Larry’s son, Michael, and has spread to his father, Larry, and father-in-law, Harold Goldfine.

Stewart has spent over a decade finding ways to spread Torah in the community. From Friday night Shabbos programs to hosting “Lunch and Learn” sessions at Fishman’s Kosher Deli & Bakery, Stewart is committed to supporting Jewish involvement across the community.

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