Tonight: Peekskill Yeshiva Dinner


rav-kanarekTonight, the 47th Anniversary Dinner of Yeshiva Ohr Hameir of Peekskill, which is led by Rav Elya Kanerek, rosh hayeshiva, will be held at Ateres Chynka Hall, located at 129 Elmwood Avenue in Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Brafman are the Parents of the Year, and Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Gewirtzman will receive the Alumnus of the Year Award.

The dinner chairman is Mr. Yaakov Fommer.

Yeshiva Ohr Hameir of Peekskill is one of the most prominent yeshivos on the landscape of the American Torah community, and continues to produce well-rounded beni Torah and talmidei chachomim.

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. Why are there no comments when it comes to hachzokas hatorah? I encourage everybody to get out there and support this makom torah v’yirah! I personally know a number of alumni who are talmidei chachmim muflagim and marbitzei torah. What a precious asset to our people!

  2. Everyone out there, this is really a good yeshiva. Many people were made into real talmidi chachamim. and once a peekskill boy– always a peekskill boy. Reb Elya is there for everyone no matter what!! he’s the greatest man out there. THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT.
    reb elya made me!! Thanks


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