Tomorrow: Hachnosas Sefer Torah L’illui Nishmas Habochur Aaron Sofer z”l

Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Tzvi Sofer invite all Matzav readers to a Hachnasas Sefer Torah tomorrow, Monday, the second of Elul (September 5) L’illui Nishmas their son, Habachur Aaron Sofer z’l, who was tragically lost in Yaar Yerushalayim two years ago, setting off an intense search that galvanized Klal Yisroel in tefilla and hisorerus.
The Hachnasas Sefer Torah coincides with Aaron’s second yahrtzeit.
Ksivas Osios – 2 – 6 pm at the Sofer Home, 119 5th Street in Lakewood, NJ.
Hachnasa Procession at 6:30 pm to Bais Medrash Ohr Meir, 30 5th Street, in Lakewood, NJ, with dancing to follow.


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