Today’s Yahrtzeits and History – 30 Adar


Rav Yitzchak Aizikof Zhidachov (1804-1872), a descendent of the Tosfos Yom Tov and the nephew and successor of Rav Zvi Hirsch of Zhidachov. One of his four sons became the first Rebbe of Komarna dynasty.

Today in History – 30 Adar

· Headquarters of the Jewish Agency in Yerushalayim was bombed, resulting in the death of many Jews, 1948.

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  1. the Yurzeit today is of Reb Yitzchok Isaac Eichenstein of the town of Safrin. He was the father of Reb Tzvi Hersh of Ziditchoiv , Reb Sender Safrin of Komarna , the forbear of the Komarna dynesty, Reb Berish Eichenstein of Ziditchoiv (father of Reb Yitzchok Isaac of Ziditchoiv whose Yurzeit is the 9th of Sivan and not today) and other brothers Tzadikim.


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