Today’s Yahrtzeits and History – 13 Adar


Rav Yehuda (ben Shmuel) HeChasid, author of Sefer Chasidim (1150-1217). His father (1120-1175), led a famous yeshiva in Speyer, and served as Rav Yehuda’s rebbe.

Rav Moshe (ben Yehuda Hersch) Langner, the fifth Strettiner Rebbe (1959). In 1921, he moved the family from Galicia to Toronto.

Today in History – 13 Adar

· Jews fought against their enemies in the Persian empire during the days of Esther and Mordechai, 355 BCE
· Nikonor Day, in which Antiochus Epiphanes’s General Nikonor, leading the elephant infantry against the Jews, was defeated and killed, 161 BCE.
· The Germans entered Sighet and set up a ghetto, 1944.

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  1. This year it’s a leap year. We’re in Adar Rishon. Genreally Yahrtzeits and Torah based anniversaries are celebrated in Adar Sheini.


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