Times Square Revitalization Project Taking Toll On New Yorkers


times-square-nycNew York – Times Square is often referred to as the crossroads of the world, but its crosswalks are becoming more and more crowded due to an ongoing construction project.

Under the famed marquees and billboards, you can see the torn-up roadway.

As CBS 2′s Matt Kozar reported, three of five pedestrian plazas in Times Square are currently under construction as part of a three-year, $40 million effort by the city to revitalize the urban space.

The project is also fixing century-old water mains and utilities buried underground.

But the work is also causing gridlock everywhere you go, Kozar reported. There is little room to walk or drive and emergency vehicles sometimes get stuck.
And it doesn’t help that the Marriott Marquis is also undergoing renovations.

“There’s not as many places to sit. It’s dirty. It’s noisy. I just sounds like a complaining New Yorker,” said New York resident Connie Scaglione.

“Takes a lot longer to get through it. I try to avoid it as much as I can,” said Upper East Side resident Amy Vlosky.

Some have wondered why the city cannot do the winter months when it is colder and fewer people are around. But the city says that is not possible, because some elements such as the grout for the stone tiles on the sidewalks have to be put in during warmer weather.

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

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