Third Yahrtzeit of Mercaz Harav Yeshiva Massacre


mercaz-harav1Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Yerushalayim held a memorial ceremony Thursday evening marking the third yahrzeit of the massacre of eight yeshiva boys.

The event was followed by an additional memorial gathering at the Yeshurun synagogue in Jerusalem. The following video features musical segments from the event.

At the memorial in the Yeshiva, the Yeshiva Head, Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, told the gathered audience: “They were not just murdered for the sanctification of G-d’s Name – they lived foor the sanctification of G-d’s Name. We remember them anew on this evening.”

Rabbi Elyashiv Avichayil, whose son Segev Pniel was one of the eight martyrs, said: “Three years have passed since that cruel day, in which a terrorist hater of Israel entered, butchered and did not have mercy, murdered eight of our sons as they joyfully studied the Torah. These were three years of pain and tears.”

“The entire nation was shocked, but in the world, there are still those who try to extinguish the light of Israel. We, the parents of the martyrs, call upon the sane and healthy world – stop limiting our light and our life in the Land of Israel.”

“Our eight holy sons, eight lights, our martyred sons who are so dear to us and the longing for them does not stop. With the grace of G-d not only have we not been broken, but we receive from those same children of ours strength and courage, and we go on sanctifying G-d’s name, and from this terrible darkness a light will shine over Zion.”

On the first day of Adar Bet, three years ago, at 8:30 P.M., a terrorist entered the yeshiva bearing a semi-automatic rifle and opened fire in the library. Eight were killed at point-blank range and nine others were wounded. The terrorist was killed by an army officer who lived across the street and ran over to help and by an older student who shot from the roof. He was an Arab citizen of Israel.

The eight yeshiva boys murdered were Yonatan Yitzchak Eldar, Ro’i Aharon Roth, Neria Cohen, Avraham David Moses, Segev Pniel Avichayil, Doron Mahareta, Yonadav Hirschfeld, and Yochai Lifschitz, may G-d avenge their blood.

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