Thinking of Starting a Business? Think Breakfast…Lunch…LAUNCH!


parnassah-seminarBy L. Halevi

Parnassah Network, the organization that is at the forefront of providing the tools for Yidden of all ages and in all stages of their quest for a dignified Parnassah, has embarked on a brand new project of “full-day seminars”, each covering a specific area of business to better assist people across particular industries and modes of business.

The first full-day, intensive seminar is geared specifically for people in the various stages of launching their own businesses. The seminar will cover an all-encompassing range of topics relating to launching and maintaining your own business in a volatile economic climate- or anytime! This seminar will be limited to a select group of 30 serious entrepreneur-minded people and give them the necessary boost to face – and overcome- the challenges as well as ultimately reap the rewards of being their own boss and owning and running their own business.

The presenters at this seminar were hand-picked by the Parnassah Network team to include successful business people who have “been there and done that” in recent years. These people keenly understand the risks and challenges of business ownership and are able to share their experience and knowledge with others looking to chart similar paths for themselves. The presenters will be available to answer questions and mentor seminar registrants beyond the day of the actual seminar. Having someone to call upon and reach out to as you navigate the often murky world of business ownership is a most valuable resource and can often be the difference between success and failure.

The presenters include Attorney Noah Burton, Partner, Schwartz Burton LLP, Mr. Israel Fleischer, CEO of Jivetel Inc., Mr. Allan Glazer, CEO of AHG Consultants, Mr. David Rosen, General Manager of 4 Corners Bagel, and formerly multi-unit licensee and Director of Operations at Starbucks coffee, and Mr. Shea Rubenstein, President, J Builders of NY and Executive VP of JCC of Marine Park.

Some of the many topics that will be covered throughout the day are:Which Business is right for me? Is my business necessary? How to properly research a business? How do I write a business plan?Will my business require an online presence? Does my business need to be innovative? How to assess the risk of my business? Will I need a Social Media Presence?Should I take a partner? What are the Legal aspects of starting a business? Do I need a lawyer?How to properly brand your business? How do I get out of the rut and rebrand my business?How to retain customers? How will year #2 be better than my first year in business? And Manyother relevant topics!

Whether you are first starting to think about a business idea or have recently launched your own business and want to ensure that you have – and you maintain- a competitive edge, this seminar is for you.

The full-day Seminar will take place on Tuesday, July 29th 2014 from 9:45 am until 5:30 pm, at the ClarionHotel & ConferenceCenterin Toms River, NJ. , and is open to men and women; Separate seating.Pre-registration is required. For more information and to register call 732-784-2835 or email (Hurry, slots are rapidly being filled! Call now to avoid being placed on the waiting list!)

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