Things to Remember for Erev Pesach, April 8th


erev-pesach-matzoh* Siyum for Bechorim Thursday morning. (Fast begins – Yerushalayim 5:05 am, NYC 5:02 am).* All male firstborn to either parent must fast, as well as a firstborn following a miscarriage.

* Some Sefardim have the minhag that female firstborn also partake in the siyum.

* Fathers should attend siyum in place of a minor firstborn child.

* Consider Davening Shachris K’vasikin, before Birchas Hachama.

* Do not say Mizmor Lisoda and Lam’natzeach.

* Birchas Hachama – as early as possible after Sunrise. (Jerusalem 6:14 am, NYC 6:27 am)

* Birchas Hachama may be said until Chatzos. (Jerusalem12:41 pm, NYC 12:58 pm)

* Stop Eating Chometz end of 4th hour. (Jerusalem 10:04 am, NYC 10:14 am)

* Brush teeth thoroughly before end of zman Achilah.

* Complete Burning of Chometz end of 5th hour. (Jerusalem 11:21 am, NYC 11:35 am)

* Say Kol Chamira – Bittul (Nullification) of Chometz in a language that you understand.

* Remove vacuum cleaner bags with chometz before zman biur chometz.

* Chometz garbage that will not be collected by sanitation before z’man biur should
not be left in garbage cans. Rather, it should be left in bags at the curb.

* Dentures, bi-pates, etc. should be cleaned (and kashered if removable) before zman biur.

* Work restrictions after Chatzos.

* No haircuts or shaving after Chatzos.

* Make Eruv Tavshilin with a beracha before Yom Tov.

* All kitchen and dining areas must be covered before Yom Tov.

* Prepare for the Seder: Roast the Zeroah, Beitzah. Grate the Maror, Make the Charoses,
Check the Maror leaves, mix the salt water.

* Set Shabbos clocks to allow lights to stay on very late for the Seder (Sedorim).

* Many have the minhag to immerse in a mikvah in honor of Yom Tov.

* Prepare Kittel for the Seder. Open any staples or tags left on by the Dry Cleaners.

* For those who eat gebrokts one may only eat boiled foods with matzoh meal (e.g.

* One may not eat baked matzoh meal products at any time during the day.

* After Mincha Ketanah (Jerusalem4:49 pm, NYC 4:45 pm) one may not eat knaidlach,
drink wine, or fill oneself.

* Many have the minhag to recite the order of the Korbon Pesach (printed in many Haggados)
after Mincha, thereby meriting as if having offered a Pesach sacrifice in the Bais hamikdash.

* Remember to make Eruv Tavshilin.

For a list of the latest time to eat chometz and destroy chometz on Erev Pesach in various cities please use this link: PesachZ’manim.

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