The Taxis at Zichron Moshe at 3 AM: Dedication to a Mitzvah…An Inspiring Story


zichron-mosheThe following inspiring story, originally related by Rabbi Paysach Krohn at a recent event, is reported by Rafi G on Life in Israel.

A man had a streak of 30 years during which he did not miss a minyan. Wherever he was, he always made sure to find a minyan to daven with.

It happened that he found himself one night in Yerushalayim at a wedding, and after he left at 3 a.m. – it may have been a relative’s simcha – he realized that he had not davened Maariv yet. Where is the only chance in Yerushalayim to get a minyan at 3 a.m.? Zichron Moshe. So he headed out to Zichron Moshe and fou8nd one guy there.

He said to the guy, “Did you daven?”

The guy said no.

He then asked if he thinks they will be able to get a minyan.

“Get a minyan? They will start coming for Shacharis k’vasikin in an hour or so!”

The guy said that in 30 years he had not missed a minyan and he did not want to break that streak. They brainstormed for a few minutes and he figured out a plan. He called a taxi company and asked them to send 8 taxis with only Jewish drivers.

The taxi company said they don’t have 8 taxis at 3 a.m. They agreed to send 5, while he called another company and ordered 3 more taxis with Jewish drivers.

The taxis pulled up and wondered what is going on that so many taxis are needed at 3 a.m. He came out to the taxis and told them to start their meters, get out of the cars, and come help him make the minyan. He would pay them to stand there while he davens.

At the end of the minyan, he went to pay the drivers. The first driver he approached was religious. The driver refused to accept the money. The driver said, “I have davened my whole life, but I have never seen such dedication and kavana as I saw tonight in this minyan. I will not take money for it.”

The next driver he approached was not religious. He asked how much the meter came to. The driver responded that he would not take any money. He said that he is not religious and had not gone to shul in 7 years – not even on Yom Kippur! “But you got me into a shul and I was impressed. I should be paying you!” he said.

In the end all, the drivers refused to take money for it, because his dedication to his mitzvah impressed them so much.

{Rafi G/Yair Israel}


  1. TO # 1-It is such a beutifull kiddush hashem, WHY do u find it necessary to knock other parts of klal yisroel??? Think about it.

  2. “Its amazing that there are Jews that dedicated to mitzvos”.

    Why do you say that? Shemiras mitzvos is the beginning, middle and the end of the Jewish way of life. That is what HaShem placed us on His earth to do.

    Or do you have other ideas, #4?


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