The Story of Pesach: A Groundbreaking Work that Brings Yetzias Mitzrayim Alive for Children


the_story_of_pesach-leon_haggadahcoverEli is a child just like your children. He lives with his mother and father, who love him very much. He loves his six younger brothers, and helps his parents take good care of them. He has trouble from some of the kids in the neighborhood. But unlike your children, Eli doesn’t go to school. He has to work very hard, day and night, and when he finally gets home, his neighbor, Pathros the Egyptian, torments him with more tasks, so that Eli can never play with his baby brothers.  

 Eli is the narrator in The Story of Pesach, the new book from Sarah Leon and famed illustrator Tova Katz. They collaborated previously on the beautiful and educational book, The Story of Chanuka. Katz’s vivid illustrations have brought dozens of other books to life. The Story of Pesach is available in Judaica stores everywhere.

leon_haggadah_four_cupsThe Story of Pesach opens the door for children to experience Yetzias Mitzrayim. Using a young, first person narrator makes it possible for children, or even adults, in the absence of a grown-up version, to relive the nisim as though they themselves were leaving Egypt.

 Beginning during Shibud Mitzrayim, Eli tells us how Yaakov Avinu went down to Mitzrayim, how Paroh fooled the Jews into joining the work force, and how the slavery got worse for Eli and his family.

 The illustrations are glossy and grand, set against a backdrop of desert sand and sky and ruined temples Pharaoh struts about with a hoe on his shoulder; Egyptian officials count the bricks as they’re made. We see the Jewish men and boys slaving away in the brutal sun, under the whip of the overseers. Eli’s father explains to him that no slave has ever escaped from Egypt, and that they would have to daven to Hashem, who listens to children’s tefillos, to redeem them.

But the news is not all bad. One day, Eli gets a mazel tov! His mother had six babies! And though they don’t come home right away, because of the danger, the malachim take good care of them out in the fields.

 When they get a little older, they come home to Eli and his family, and they recognize him right away! Eli is so excited, but Pathros gives him so many jobs that he cannot play with them.

leon_haggadah_moshe_lamb Soon after, Moshe Rabbeinu arrives, and the geulah begins.

 We see the house of Pathros overrun with lice. Eli offers to help him scratch them, but Pathros declines. Wild animals roam viciously outside Pathros’s mansion.

 Bursting with detail, The Story of Pesach plays out, until the waves crash and the Jews exult after Krias Yam Suf.

 The Story of Pesach has a Haggadah in the back as well, illustrated and with easy to use instructions for children.

 There are many Haggados and many books on Pesach for children. The newest one, The Story of Pesach, brings young Eli to your Seder table, making it possible for readers to experience Yetzias Mitzrayim in an absorbing, informative manner. It will bring new meaning to the Seder for children, and the adults who present it to them.

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