Matzav Network Experiences Data Center Outage


matzav_network[Photos below.] The Matzav Network Data Center, based out of Secaucus, NJ, experienced heavy outages last night due to a fire believed to have started from a manhole nearby. readers noticed that the website was down from late last night Eastern Standard Time until mid-morning today. Matzav Jewish Network and Matzav Filter subscribers may have also experienced internet downtime.

The fire tore down three of our main trunking lines, which are direct feeds from the heart of the Wall Street area in New York City where they connect to the backbone of the internet.

Our network, which is all-digital and is New York-based, consists of a blend of top transit providers, including Sprint and Global Crossing.  Multiple gigabit connections maximize uptime and ensure stable network connectivity. Our use of premium quality tier-1 global networks ensures the highest level of speed and performance to any destination around the globe. Our bandwidth portfolio now includes four tier-1 carriers available via fast-E, DS1, DS3 and OC3 ports. In addition to Global Crossing and Sprint, our network includes Savvis, MCI/Verizon and Level3 bandwidth.

fire1As stated, the fire destroyed three of our direct lines linking to one of the largest backbones to the internet located in the heart of the Financial District.

The Matzav Network has one additional backup line originating from New Jersey, but that line cannot handle all the bandwidth that our Matzav Network users need. We are in the process of setting up another line in New Jersey to stream our bandwidth. That should be up and running by the end of the day.

We are working with local authorities to have the Wall Street feeds repaired and back up and running, as those connections are the most stable and have a 99.99% uptime, since, as mentioned, they are connected to the largest internet backbone in New York City, to which most businesses are connected. Our direct cables connecting it to New Jersey have to be repaired.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and assure all readers and users that our data team is working diligently on the matter. Our users on the Matzav Jewish Network or Matzav Filter products may experience intermittent internet connectivity, but we assure them that they are our top priority and will be up and running without disruption by the end of the day.

No server information, such as email storage, was affected by the outage. Matzav Phone customers were not affected at all by this outage, as that network was immediately routed to a backup data center in Newark, NJ.

See below for photos of our data center:

{Elisha Ferber, Chief Editor,}


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