The Secret to Success is Coming to Brooklyn this Wednesday


-Communicated- Starting in just 2 days is something you absolutely do not want to miss. After its huge success in Lakewood, Franklin Covey, the global consulting and training leader in the areas of strategy execution, leadership, and individual effectiveness, is coming to Brooklyn. If you’re looking for the key to success in life, your answer is just 2 days away, and closing out quickly.

Presented by one of Hasagot Institute’s certified Covey facilitators, in a format customized for the Orthodox community the course will start this Wednesday. Due to the popularity and widely successful results of this course, sign-ups for Brooklyn are rapidly closing out as people grab this opportunity of a lifetime to learn how to increase their success and effectiveness at work, and at life.

Covey is all about balance—maximizing your time for the things you value most. If, to you, time is replaceable then you won’t mind chasing your tail 24/6. But if it is irreplaceable to you, then you want to make sure that you are spending your time doing the things that you really value deep down, above all else, and not focusing on all the trivialities of daily life.

According to the second of the seven habits, ‘Begin with the End in Mind’, when people seriously undertake to identify what really matters most to them in their lives, what they really want to be and do, they become reverent. They start to think in larger terms than today andtomorrow. When you know you are spending your time doing what really matters, then you would spend all the money in the world to do it; The 7 Habits will teach you to identify, and then do, all those things.

Having a clear personal vision and managing your time effectively is one of the biggest challenges in the modern workplace and everyday life. So, with so many demands on your time, how can you ‘cut through the clutter,’ decide which activities are the most important and ensure that you give them your best attention? Franklin Covey’s 7 habits of highly successful people will tell you how.

You didn’t come this far to only come this far.
Time and space are running out so sign up now! You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity.

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