The Noose Tightens


GARBAGEBy Rav Binyomin Adler, Chicago

I write this in pain,

While the wicked seem to gain

In a world gone mad
Truly, very sad

We have experienced worse
But this seems to be a curse
Stabbings left and right
No end in sight

How much longer, we wonder
Will our people be torn asunder
By animals let loose
As they tighten the noose

Words are what they are
Like a balm from afar
But we have been assured
Hashem gave us His word

The journey won’t be light
Suffering through the night
But at the end of the road
We have been foretold

A man will appear
As if out of thin air
And grant us relief
For our strength and our belief

Moshiach is at the door
Let us cry just once more
Hashem, please bring him now
And to You, forever, we will bow

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