The Great Big Brooklyn Challah Bake: Gotta Bring to Bake


For years, people have puzzled over a way to unite world Jewry. Three years ago, Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein of South Africa came up with the goldmine idea: The Shabbos Project. South Africans from all levels of observance chose one Shabbos and joined together with challah bakes, shabbos meals, and one unifying havdala concert. For many, it was their first time they kept Shabbos in any capacity.

In 2014, The Shabbos Project went worldwide in over 470 cities across the globe and it’s only growing stronger. Project Inspire, a program of Aish HaTorah, is a grassroots organization whose mission is to awaken and empower the Torah observant community to reach out to their fellow Jews. This year, Project Inspire is arranging an unforgettable Great Big Brooklyn Challah Bake for women of all backgrounds and affiliations. The challah bakes are the driving force behind the Shabbos Project movement, a way for women of all levels of observance to come together for a day of unity and connection. Inspired and rejuvenated from the challah bake, the women carry their inspiration into Shabbos and transform the weekend for themselves and their whole family. Afterwards, follow-up events allow for the continuation of the women’s education and Jewish experience.

Invite a less-affiliated friend and join us on November 9th at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, located in the heart of a community full of Jews looking to connect with each other. Become part of a movement that has the power of changing Klal Yisroel now, and for generations to come. For more information or to register, call 646-291-6191, email, or go to



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