The Five Legged Calf: Is It Kosher?


five-legged-calfA rare halachic question was presented recently before the Beis Din of Paris, France.While working in a shlachthois, veteran shochet Rabbi Eliyahu Edelman discovered a five legged calf.

This is the first time in 30 years that he encountered such a case, Rabbi Edelman said.

An additional small leg was growing alongside the front two legs.

The case the brought before Rabbi Yirmiyahu Cohen, the Av Beis Din, and Rabbi Shimon Dahan, head of the shochtim in Paris.

The discussion was whether the fifth leg reached the ground or did it remain in the air, and on that depended its kosher status.

The final verdict? Kosher.

{COllive/ Newscenter}



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