The Day After: Was it the Smartest Question to Ask the President?


By Kol Haolam

Donald Trump misunderstood Trux’s question yesterday, but it’s easy to see why he did. The accusation has been around since his election that the rise in anti-Semitism was due to his election and rhetoric.

Was this the smartest question to ask?

Even with the preface that “I haven’t seen anybody in my community accuse either yourself or anyone on your staff of being anti-Semitic,” the allegation is right there.

And no, the rise in anti-Semitism, if true, has nothing to do with Trump’s election. It exists mostly on the left and is used by politicians such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio to batter the president.

Something else to think about: Is this the most important question facing Jews? Anti-Semitism in America? Really?



  1. Raboisuy, it’s time to move on. We’ve beaten this topic to death already. Those on the left defend what he said and those on the right are rightfully upset. Matzav got a lot of hits to their website. I understand, it’s good for business. That’s the nature of the beast. Warm cuddly stories don’t generate the big bucks. Ich farshteyt. Uber si tzeit tzoo gain vaytur. Have a good Shabbos everyone. See you later.

  2. Before a Jew appears on world stage, he needs to remind himself of what he represents. Responsibility was never these people’s thing.

  3. Maybe a better way to question is; “For Years there has been a significant increase in anti-semitism on college campuses…”. THIS is where the Federal Government CAN and SHOULD have some involvement, which is and has been completely ignored by virtually all of the corporate media. These corporate media organizations should NOW be called “Tabloid Media” since their primary purpose nowadays is to solely destroy any and all who disagree with THEM. This has been the purpose of many a tabloid organization. They had a fit when Trump brought up a story from the Enquirer and have NOW become that Enquirer they derided not so long ago.

  4. Turx is a self-promoter, not a serious journalist. He has no business in the briefing room.
    For our sake, I hope his credentials get reneged.
    Is this is the best our community can find?


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