The $17 Billion Dot-Kosher Battle


kashrus-symbolsA battle to control the word “kosher” in Internet addresses is pitting Jewish groups against each other to determine whether a food prepared as kosher should have a new marketplace online.

The Internet’s organizing body, called Icann, is meeting this week in the South African port city of Durban to begin a major expansion of domain names. That may include a decision on who can operate and license “dot-kosher” as a suffix for Web addresses, the same way “dot-com” and “dot-net” are used.

Five organizations have banded together to oppose the sole applicant for dot-kosher, Kosher Marketing Assets, saying it seeks to profit from a sacred tradition that shouldn’t be over-commercialized. The two sides, which both are in the business of certifying food as kosher, are at odds over how Internet users will find such products in the future.

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  1. this can be good or this can be very bad C”V lest a treif company just get from google to sign up for a new website & make people think they must be kosher.

    So who is the boss in this? who gets to decide who will get to own a website?

    will their products be checked before?will the people who run it be willing to fly rabbis worldwide to check if their food is kosher food to get a website?

  2. Special kosher internet address. Less Treif online perhaps? Or maybe just another revision of your own unshapely demands.


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