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5 expresses thanks to two yungeleit, who, over the past two months, have given of their time on a voluntary basis to offer editing suggestions and hashkafic input regarding stories, comments and videos on this site. Their involvement has been greatly appreciated as the writers and editors continue to strive to further raise the standard of this site to serve as a beacon of ethics and morals in the world of online chareidi media.

We look forward to their continued input as we strive to provide comprehensive news coverage while spreading kevod Shomayim and providing chizuk to our tens of thousands of readers all over the globe each day.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of

Have a wonderful day. Newscenter


  1. I have a bridge to sell you & I won’t even charge you tax! Every 3 year old knows that Matzav is biased! You are in the cover up business!


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