Terrorist Murders Israeli in West Bank


soldiers-west-bank-attackA 32-year-old Israeli man was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist this morning at a hitchhiking post at the Tapuach Junction in the West Bank. Shai Sub-District Police said the terrorist apparently stabbed the Israeli and then snatched his gun. The terrorist proceeded to open fire at Border Guard officers, who returned fire and moderately wounded him, according to police.

Magen David Adom spokesman Meidan Ben Yoash said the Israeli was pronounced dead after efforts to resuscitate him failed.

The terrorist was evacuated to the Rabin Medical Center in PetaCh Tikva. Police estimate the terrorist arrived at the junction from Tulkarem or Qalqilya. He acted alone, police said.

“A terrorist armed with a knife attacked a settler at the hitchhiking post and critically injured him. He apparently snatched the victim’s weapon and fired at a Border Guard force positioned nearby. The Border Guard officers returned fire and neutralized the terrorist,” a Border Guard spokesman said.

Shomron Council Head Gershon Mesika arrived at the scene of the terror attack at the Tapuach Junction and said: “This heinous murder is a direct result of helplessness in the face of stones, open checkpoints and the lawless attitude towards terror in the area.

“The IDF and security establishment must internalize that this terror kills. The government must make a change and refer to terror as terror,” he said.

In January a 17-year-old Israeli was stabbed at a hitchhiking post at the Tapauch Junction. He sustained light to moderate wounds. The terrorist, a man in his 20s from Ramallah, was apprehended.

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