Videos, Photos: Terrorist Bombing Near Maale Adumim


maale adumim (2)[Updates below.] A police officer has been injured after an Arab terrorist detonated an explosive at a Maale Adomim checkpoint. The terrorist was reportedly shot dead.

Initial reports said that there was a car explosion.


9 Major terror attacks

10 civilians injured

10 Police officers injured

3 Arab terrorists shot dead

Update, 7:23 a.m.: The vehicle carrying the explosive was driven by a female terrorist, who screamed “Allahu Akhbar” become detonating the explosive. A second bomb in the car is being safely detonated.

Update, 7: 33 a.m.: It is being reported that the terrorist was killed by the very bomb she activated. The officer was lightly wounded.

Update, 7:42 a.m.: The bombing would be the first suicide bombing by Palestinian terrorists since 2008.

Update, 7:44 a.m.: The female terrorist blew herself up just a few feet away from an Egged bus when police approached her. Officials are calling it “a miracle.” The driver, who seemed apprehensive, was told to stop and pulled to the side of the road. As the police officer approached, the bomb was activated.

The status of the terrorist has not been confirmed.

Update, 7:49 a.m.: Medical personnel now say that the terrorist did not die in the explosion.  She was seriously injured but not killed in the explosion near the A-Zaim checkpoint on Route 437, the road connecting A-Zayim and Maale Adumim.



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