TERROR: Ramming Attack Outside Yerushalayim’s Old City (Videos, Photos)


In the second terror attack in the early hours of Wednesday morning, two Palestinian terrorists drove their vehicle into a group of pedestrians on Rechov Hatzanchanim outside the Old City of Yerushalayim, near Kikar Tzahal.

Initial reports indicated that the terrorists in the vehicle appeared to be the very ones who opened fire less than an hour earlier on Sderot Golda Meir in the capital. The vehicle they were driving, a small truck, matched the description of the vehicle that had carried out the earlier shooting. The connection was subsequently confirmed by police, who stated that the assailants were the ones who had attacked the Egged bus near Ramot.

In the ramming attack, no Israelis were hurt, but an elderly Arab man is said to have sustained injuries.

Both of the terrorists were neutralized by police officers at the scene.

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