TERROR: Pipe Bomb Thrown at Kever Rochel Miraculously Doesn’t Explode


A pipe bomb was thrown at the Kever Rochel compound, but, miraculously, it did not explode and was instead defused by security forces.

The pipe bomb was tosses by terrorists from the Palestinian side of the wall near the compound.

IDF and police sappers carried out a controlled explosion and the incident ended without injuries.

Rabbi Zvi Uziyahu, one of the rabbonim of Mosdos Kever Rochel, said, “We saw Divine favor. It was a miracle. If, God forbid, the device would have exploded, it could have caused many serious injuries. We thank the security forces that operate at Kever Rochel and allow us to daven and study there. Despite the tense security situation, studies will continue as usual.”


David Steger – Matzav.com


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