TERROR: Knife Attack On Soldiers Near Ofra


A Palestinian terrorist was shot dead today after he tried to stab Israeli soldiers near the community of Ofra.

The terrorist, 23-year-old Maan Nasser al-Din Abu Qara from the town of Mazra’a al-Qibliya, approached the soldiers with a knife near a bus stop. When he failed to stop, the soldiers shot at him and killed him.

Boruch Hashem, no soldiers were hurt.

This attack comes a few days after an attack at the nearby Focus checkpoint, when a Palestinian policeman, Muhammad Turkman, shot at IDF soldiers near Bet El, hurting three. Turkman was killed.

2016-11-03-photo-00007336 2016-11-03-photo-00007338 2016-11-03-photo-00007339

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


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