Tel Aviv Port to Be Designed as Times Square for Sukkos Project


times-square-israelManhattan’s Times Square will be replicated in Tel Aviv Port as part of a cooperative projects to mark Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary. The project, initiated by Tel Aviv municipality and Bezeq communication company, will also launch Bezeq’s new NGN technology. According to plans, a huge happening will take place in the port during Chol Hamoed Sukkos, between the first and last days of Sukkos, beginning October 6 until October 8.As part of the festivities, the port will be styled to replicate New York’s Times Square, featuring huge screens that will broadcast live from New York and will allow people from both sides to communicate with one another via cutting edge multimedia technology.

During the three days of festivities, screens will be placed in the port from noon until night time, offering a simultaneous view of both cities. Other scheduled activities include musical shows, yoga and cooking classes, various kids’ activities and a sing-along that will be headed from New York.

“The new technology allows connectivity and communications between all corners of the globe in the fastest, most efficient way known today,” said Bezeq’s Marketing Manager Ran Goron.

“Tel Aviv is often compared to New York,” says Municipality spokesman Hillel Partok. “This project will connect the two cities and bring Times Square to Tel Aviv and vice versa.”

{Yair Israel/Ynet}


  1. It pathetic to see to what great lengths the Israelis go just to imitate America “k’mo BeAmerica” a.k.a. Nihyeh keechad haamim asher svivoseinu. Not so surprising though, as this was the vision for Tel Aviv, by the Zionist reshaim who established it.


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