Tehillim Gathering Tomorrow Night for Yossi Gerson

gersonFar Rockaway, NY – The effort from earlier this afternoon was extremely organized and covered numerous neighborhoods. 3,000 fliers were distributed and we continually hope that somebody, somewhere will have some information.

As stated earlier, we hope that Yossi will soon be found safely. However, as of this moment an urgent Tehillim Asifa for all of the men and women in our community will take place tomorrow night, Motzei Shabbos, at the Bais Medrash of Yeshiva Darchei Torah, located at 211 Beach 17th Street (corner of Seagirt Boulevard).

8:15-8:45: Learning
8:45: Tehillim

The parking lots will be open. Please bring your own Tehillim.

We hope that this will all be a Zechus for Yosef Yechiyeh ben Devorah

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



  1. Can we please have a live hook up/conference
    Please post a phone number where ppl who don’t live there can part take in the tehillem !


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