Tefila L’Moshe Roadway Service


tefillah-lmoshe-roadway-service-smallAs many travel to or from Montreal for Pesach, Rabbi Yisroel Rubin announced that Albany’s Central Birkas Hachammah will follow 7:45 a.m. davening at Albany’s Maimonides School, located at 404 Partridge St., plus a siyum bechorim and refreshments in honor of the Rambam’s Birthday on Erev Pesach.Located halfway between Montreal and NYC, Rabbi Rubin has officially dedicated the “Tefila L’Moshe Roadway Service” in memory of his father, rav Moshe Rubin of Montreal, in honor of his yartzeit on Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan.

tefillah-lmoshe-roadway-serviceReb Moshe Rubin learned in Tomche Temimim in Poland, spent World War II in Shanghai and served over 40 years in Montreal as a shochet and a mashpiah.

“Tefila L’Moshe Roadway Service” offers hundreds of travelers along the 300 mile Northway from Rockland County up to the Canadian border a “Jewish Rest Stop” concept with minyan, mivkah and kosher food, Shabbos in Saratoga, Lake George Minyan in August, and the “International Price Chopper Sukkah” during Chol Hamoed in the fall.

{Shturem/Matzav.com Newscenter}


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