Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Win Wisconsin Primaries


Ted Cruz will be victorious in the GOP presidential primary in Wisconsin, giving the Texas Senator a very crucial win in this election, according to returns this evening. Leading media outlets being monitored by Matzav.com have called the race for Cruz.

Donald Trump’s opposition will use this Cruz win to try to stop the GOP front-runner and deny him the majority of delegates to force a contested convention in July.

John Kasich will be in a distant third.

Trump can take some solace in the fact that he remains the favorite in the next primary, on April 19, in his home state of New York.

Trump also remains the only GOP candidate who can garner enough delegates to capture the nomination before the party convention.

Over on the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton in early returns in Wisconsin and is projected to pull out the victory there.

Wisconsin is expected to have its highest turnout in a presidential primary since 1980.

CB Frommer – Matzav.com Newscenter


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