Syria’s Internet ‘Turned Off’


internet-computerAs violence continued to escalate in war-torn Syria Tuesday, Internet activity-suspiciously-plummeted.

According to Umbrella Security labs, a predictive security research firm who has exposed “blackouts” in the nation before, the web was essentially “turned off” at around 6:45 UTC. Through a variety of graphs, the firm shows virtual silence from Twitter in Syria, and close to zero outbound traffic from the country.

Instagram is allegedly involved in the blackout, with Buzzfeed reporting the most recent pictures to be selfies that are “hours old.” A reporter in contact with activists in Aleppo, Jenan Moussan, has tweeted confirmed evidence that the net “was cut off.” Syria has yet to make a statement on the allegations.

Read more at Buzzfeed.

{Andy Newscenter}



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