Syrian Minister Warns Of Response To Israeli Airstrikes


israel-syriaA Syrian government minister said that the Syrian military will respond to the Israeli airstrikes against Syrian military targets earlier this week.

Reconciliation Minister Ali Haider told the Nazareth-based Arab-Israeli news service As-Sonora that the “ceasefire [with Israel] is broken,” and that the government has decided to respond to “the Israeli aggression against Syria.” Haider said the matter has been left up to the Syrian military.

The attack against Israel “will have a bigger influence than the Israeli operation and it will come at the appropriate time and place,” Haider said.

Israeli warplanes bombed targets inside Syria on Monday in response to the mortar shell fired from Syria that killed a 13-year-old Arab-Israeli boy on Sunday in the Golan Heights.

“Our enemies don’t differentiate between Jews and non-Jews, adults and children,” Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said Sunday.




  1. The very fragile government of Syria needs to pay more attention to its northeastern border than its southeastern. It is about to be overrun.


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