Sukkah Exchange: Demand Is Record High


Word is coming in from the project coordinator at the Sukkah Exchange that this year’s call volume has exceeded all previous years’ in double digits.  “It seems like this year the demand for this program has reached a whole new level.  Requests are coming in by the dozen by phone, text and email.  Not only for sukkahs but for pieces of sukkahs or schach.  We’ve also taken requests to assist in sukkah schlepping and building for those in special circumstances.”

“My request to the tzibur is to contact us RIGHT AWAY if you have a sukkah you will not be needing and would like to give away.  The tremendous simcha you will bring a family if they know NOW that they will have a sukkah for yomtov will be a huge zechus for you and your family for the Yom Hadin.”

Contacting Chesed of Lakewood is very easy.  The hotline number can be called or texted to.  It is 732 901 0482 (ext 4 is for Sukkah Exchange).



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