Study: 75% Of North American Jewish College Students Report Anti-Semitism


swastikaNearly three-quarters of Jewish college students in North America have experienced some form of anti-Semitism during the past year, a new study has found.

In the study—conducted by Brandeis University’s Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies and titled “Antisemitism and the College Campus: Perceptions and Realities”—nearly 75 percent of respondents reported being exposed to “at least one of six anti-Semitic statements, including the claims that Jews have too much power and that Israelis behave.”

The study, which was based on the responses of 3,199 students to an online questionnaire of those eligible for the free Taglit-Birthright Israel trips to the Jewish state, also found that more than 25 percent of students find a “fairly” or “very big” problem of hostility towards Israel on campus, while another 25 percent reported being blamed for the actions of Israel because they are Jewish.

A student’s connection to Israel, according to the the study, is “the strongest predictor of perceiving a hostile environment toward Israel and Jews on campus and, to a lesser extent, of personal experiences of anti-Semitic verbal harassment.”

While there were no systematic differences among universities in average rates of anti-Semitism, the study found that “Canadian universities, schools in the California state system, and, to a lesser extent, large land-grant universities in the Midwest” were “over-represented among those schools with the highest average levels of hostility toward Israel.”


{ Newscenter}


  1. This is of course the most horrible that is not yet a lethal attack on our people.

    The enemy always uses his hate mark to stimulate more connections in the mind to have fear of the devil and the worsening of your freedom and credit.

    There is not honor on a swastica in this day and age.

    Enemy of man is not a friend of any culture.

    Funny that Hitler is now being discussed and revered in India. The swastica was an Indian motif that was used for decor in the past.

    Satan stole the swastica from India and used it for evil. Now the resurgence of hate in India is clear that the wicked think that Adolf Hitler ym’s is a “friend” who can be “counted upon” for bringing a better state of affairs to India.

    They have had Indian “Hitler” Ice cream. “Hitler” Boutiques and other Hitler dynasty things.

    Sometimes you can predict that the wicked hate is an observable fact.

    This is hard.

  2. “…including the claims that Jews have too much power and that Israelis behave.”
    Israelis behave? A scurrilous claim indeed!

  3. It’s very interesting that the Canadian government is so adamantly and outspokenly pro-Israel yet its universities are such hotbeds of anti-Semitism.


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