Street in Netanya Renamed After Birchas Hachama


sunThis morning, around the world, Yidden recited the bracha of Birchas Hachama, commemorating the one-in-28-years return of the sun to the point it was in at the time of creation. Some interesting tidbits have been reported about today’s event.

For the first time in at least two thousand years, a group went up to the top of Masada to recite the bracha.

In the central event in Netanya, in the Kiryat Sanz neighborhood of the city, they actually changed the name of the street where Birchas Hachama was recited. The new name of the street is Rechov Birchas Hachama or Birchas Hachama Street.

The Old City of Yerushalayim was completely shut down and closed off to traffic, including buses, because of the throngs of people who went for Birchas Hachama at the Kosel.

Neighborhoods all over arranged central meeting points where the bracha was said by the whole community together.

In Ramat Bet Shemesh, the main gathering was held at Park Ayalon with most of RBS participating together at 7:05 a.m.. There was musical accompaniment, with a siyum bechorim afterwards.

{Yair Israel/Rafi G.-Life in Israel}


  1. For sure! I loved the scene at birchas hachama this morning. The glittering sun arising into its splash of blue sky lightingg up all surrounding us. Everyone was sheilding their eyes. Hashem must have some sort of koach he must have put inside the sun. It is like a peice of him. The water was singing as the sun touched its rays upon the ocean bed and a crystel lake of gold shimmered through the water. All eyes were stuck upon the amazement of Hashem and His creations. waves came crashing on to the shores. Birds began chirping and trees were swaying as the wind made its blow. The cold slapped our faces but we stared. We stood looking out upon the vast waters and blinked only once! We all sang Happy Birthday to the sun and that broke the silence of amazment in everyones eyes. It was truly Maaseh Hashem and no one could deny it!


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