Stolen Yeshiva Buses in Boro Park Becoming a Worrisome Trend


In recent weeks, two yeshiva buses from the Boro Park section of Brooklyn were stolen, only to be found later, after the yeshivos extensively searched throughout the neighborhood, JP UPDATES reports. But no one has been arrested, leaving yeshivas to worry if this is a new trend.

The first incident took place on May 23 when an unidentified suspect stole the bus from 62nd Street and 15 Avenue from Bobev 45, the bus was later found at 39 street and second avenue The second incident happened on June 2, when a bus from Kalish school was parked at 10th Avenue and 49th Street and an unknown suspect stole the bus. The bus was found four days later at 42nd Street and Second avenue.




  1. the city should give all Yeshivos a “parking lot” for buses, so they shouldn’t have to park on the street.

    They’re not giving the BoroPark taxpaying residents any buildings for schools, so they should at least give them some parking………………………


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