State Gives $600,000 to Hershey Friedman for Agri-Star


hershey-friedmanThe state of Iowa has given $600,000 in state assistance, plus tax credits to the new owners of the former AgriProcessors in Postville. Now known as Agri-Star, the company is owned by Mr. Hershey Friedman of Montreal.The assistance will help boost a proposed $15 million modernization of the Kosher beef and poultry meatpacking plant. The plant was closed and is now in limited operation after a May 2008 raid that led to the arrest of 389 illegal immigrants.

According to state documents, Agri Star Meat & Poultry hopes to introduce a new line of oven-baked beef and chicken.

The Iowa Economic Development Board agreed to provide the company with loans and grants, plus an estimated $941,652 in tax credits, based on the company’s capital investment in the plant.

Economic Development Board member Robert Riley says the plant is important to the northeast Iowa community and state.

{AP/Noam Newscenter}



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