Star-S Pesach Hotline’s 10 Most Asked Pesach Questions from Sephardiim


star-s1. Which rice can I buy for Passover?

We have certified three brands of rice STAR-S P 100% Chametz Free. These brands are high-quality at regular year-round prices

Carolina Mehadrin Long Grain White available at Kosher stores throughout the country distributed by Quality Frozen Foods

Super Lucky Elephant Jasmine Rice WITH STAR-K ON LABEL commonly available at Costco

Himalayan Pride Basmati Rice WITH STAR-K ON THE LABEL  available in many stores  & on Amazon with FREE Prime shipping

2. If my rice is STAR-S P approved, do I need to check it three times anyway?

It is an age-old custom to check the rice 3 times. If this is too hard for you ask your Rav.

3. Which Oils can I buy?

We recommend ONLY KFP Oils due to our limitation of not approving products with questionable sub-ingredients even if they are Batel (nullified). Your Rav can be consulted for guidance on this issue as it is a Machloket between Beit Yosef and Kaf HaChayim.  We hope to be able to certify Kitniyot Oils next year L’Mehadrin STAR-S P.

4. What if I can’t find STAR-S P approved rice?

Ask your Rav if you can buy unenriched rice before pesach, check it carefully OR enriched rice and rinse it well. We can’t certify things we have not visited r that require Bitul/nullification, but your Rabbi can make that determination. If he has questions about the realities of rice production please have him call us at 410-484-4110 ext 217

5. Do dates need KFP?

YES. Dates are often processed with flour which is Chametz. Sindh Punjab are STAR-K P and other KFP dates are available in your kosher grocery store.

7. Does Quinoa needs checking?

We only recommend STAR-K P Quinoa has been certified KFP with no contact from Chametz. Ask your Rav for guidance as to whether the custom of checking three tmes applies to this product.

8. What could be wrong with frozen vegetables?

Frozen vegetables can be blanched and/or packed on machinery that is also use for Chametz therefore, frozen vegetables require KFP. YEREK brand green bean varieties, peas and cut corn are STAR-S P approved for Pesach. We have no information on other brands, but we would be happy to work on other products. Contact us for more information on STAR-S.

9. Can Sephardic Jews  use any toothpaste?
NO. The ingredients can be Chametz based  The 2013 STAR-K/Kollel Los Angeles Medicine and Cosmetics Guide is available in your local stores and online at

10. Which nuts can be bought without a hechsher?

Raw almonds and walnuts with no additives may be purchased with out a hechsher.


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  1. Which sephardic rav says you need kosher lapesach toothpaste? Not Rav Ovadia Shlit’a, Hacham BenTziyon ZT’L, Rav Shlomo Amar etc.

  2. i assume that nuts should be in thier shell as the wrapper of shelled nuts indicate may contain other tree nuts , penuts soy ,milk ,wheat ,etc. I believe this should be highlighted.

  3. 1. Syrian in Lakewood told me that chacham yosef Raful shlit`a says to be machmir on toothpaste
    2.raw nuts are usually fine for pesach
    if they were made with allergens like milk and peanuts it would say it on the label


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