Stamford: House Approves Certificate Program in Study of Talmud


simcha-schustal-5Danielle Capalbo reports in the Stamford Times: Stamford – Yeshiva Bais Binyomin, a Stamford-based college for men, has come one step closer to providing a certificate program in studies of the Talmud, a central text of the Jewish faith.

The House of Representatives voted this week to approve legislation to authorize the program at Bais Binyomin and The Talmudic Institute of Connecticut, in Bridgeport.

The state Senate must also approve the bill.

“This legislation expands opportunities in higher education for students looking to pursue a degree that focuses on Jewish heritage,” said State Rep. Gerald Fox III, D–146, who introduced the bill.

He called the school “a respected member of the Stamford community,” located at 132 Prospect St.

Also called Bais Binyomin Academy, the school focuses its curriculum around Jewish law, ethics, philosophy, customs and history, the legislator said.

One pillar of that history is the Talmud, a compilation of doctrines written by ancient Jewish teachers that often references the Old Testament.

The state Board of Governors for Higher Education gave the school its approval in September 2010 to launch the certificate program, advising Bais Binyomin President Rabbi Simcha Schustal that legislation was also necessary to grant the school a charter.

“It was something I was happy to help with,” Fox III said.

To date, Bais Binyomin and The Talmudic Institute are the only schools in the state accredited by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education for instruction of the spiritual text, a spokesperson from that department said.

{Stamford Times/ Newscenter}


  1. This will enable the yeshiva to grant bachelor’s degrees in Talmudic Studies. The yeshivos in Baltimore and Lakewood have been granting such degrees for years. The Aggudah organized several 1-1.5-year programs that allow Bnei Torah with bachelors’ degrees in Talmudic Studies to enter masters’ programs in accounting and several other fields that are in demand which enable Bnei Torah graduates to earn good parnassa.


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